Do you have a dirty moisture ridden crawl space? We can help!

Many people do not realize that the earth beneath their home has a extremely high humidity level and that humid earth, if not restricted, will produce water vapor within the crawl space. This water vapor over time will contaminate the crawlspace with excess moister creating an overly damp or wet environment which is destructive to the home. It will damage crawlspace insulation causing it to be less effective or in most cases fall from the roof of the crawlspace. It also negatively effects the homes h-vac systems and can lead to mold, rot and decay.

The natural airflow in a house is from the bottom to top. This means that the moist air, unrestricted by efficient insulation, is pulled along with mold spores and everything else, into the living areas of the home. Mold spores, odors, humidity and moisture attracted insects create a very unhealthy environment for people.

Many people have experienced all hosts of symptoms attributed to their unprotected crawl space never discovering what was affecting their health.

Protect your investment and your health, and call My Creepy Crawlers today!

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